Ambus Barrel Shape Conference Table

Brand Sven | Ambus

Ambus Barrel Shape  Arrowhead Conference Tables

The Ambus Barrel Shape Boardroom Table comes in wide range of  Lengths and Widths. Listed below are tables up to 5000mm but we can supply tables of any length please contact us for more information.

Sizes (mm)

2500 x 1000

2500 x 1200

3000 x 1200

3500 x 1200

4000 x 1200

4000 x 1500

4500 x 1200

4500 x 1500

5000 x 1200

5000 x 1500

Finishes  Veneers – American Walnut, Beech, Caramel Bamboo, Cherry, Light Oak, Maple, Natural Bamboo, Natural Walnut and Rose Walnut.

Mfc’s – Beech, Golden Maple, Light Cherry, Light Grey, Natural Walnut, Natural Oak, Oak, and White. We also offer a combination of white base variants.

Tables may be specified with lift-out cable management tiles or hinged flaps, giving access to a cable tray into which sockets may be fitted if desired. Access ports, flip top socket cassettes and cable access boxes are also available.

Matching storage and office furniture available contact us for brochures and pricing.

Available Finishes

Sven Veneer
  • Macassar Gold Veneer (Sven)

  • Smoked Oak Veneer (Sven)

  • Macassar Tan Veneer (Sven)

  • Rose Walnut Veneer

  • American Walnut Veneer (Sven)

  • Beech Veneer (Sven)

  • Caramel Bamboo Veneer (Sven)

  • Cherry Veneer (Sven)

  • Light Oak Veneer (Sven)

  • Maple Veneer (Sven)

  • Natural Bamboo Veneer (Sven)

  • Natural Walnut Veneer (Sven)

Sven MFC
  • White MFC (Sven)

  • Macassar MFC (Sven)

  • Zebrano Sand MFC (Sven)

  • Zebrano MFC (sven)

  • Beech MFC (Sven)

  • Golden Maple MFC (Sven)

  • Light Cherry MFC (Sven)

  • Natural Oak MFC (Sven)

  • Natural Walnut MFC (Sven)

  • Light Grey MFC (Sven)

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