Ambus Bench Desking

Brand Sven | Ambus

Ambus Bench Desking available single or double sided

Ambus Benches  Desks (1600mm) Deep with sliding tops, cable risers in all panels/frames as standard.

Available with Panel Ends or Metal Endframes

Initial / Stand alone desks








Add-on extension desks are available in same sizes as above initial / stand alone desks.

Tops are available in choice of Mfc’s and Veneers. 

Mfc- Beech, Golden Maple, Light Cherry, Light Grey, Natural Walnut, Natural Oak, and White

Veneers- American Walnut, Beech, Caramel Bamboo, Cherry, Light Oak, Maple, Natural Bamboo, Natural Walnut and Bamboo

Metal Frames are available in Zinc, Black, Slate or White.

Please contact our sales team for further information on above or request a brochure.



Available Finishes

Sven Veneer
  • Macassar Gold Veneer (Sven)

  • Smoked Oak Veneer (Sven)

  • Macassar Tan Veneer (Sven)

  • Rose Walnut Veneer

  • American Walnut Veneer (Sven)

  • Beech Veneer (Sven)

  • Caramel Bamboo Veneer (Sven)

  • Cherry Veneer (Sven)

  • Light Oak Veneer (Sven)

  • Maple Veneer (Sven)

  • Natural Bamboo Veneer (Sven)

  • Natural Walnut Veneer (Sven)

Sven MFC
  • White MFC (Sven)

  • Macassar MFC (Sven)

  • Zebrano Sand MFC (Sven)

  • Zebrano MFC (sven)

  • Beech MFC (Sven)

  • Golden Maple MFC (Sven)

  • Light Cherry MFC (Sven)

  • Natural Oak MFC (Sven)

  • Natural Walnut MFC (Sven)

  • Light Grey MFC (Sven)

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