X Range Bench Desks

Brand Sven | X Range

X Range Bench Desks available single sided or double sided 

X Range Bench Desks can be fitted with Fixed or Sliding Tops

Modesty Panels Can be fitted – The optional Modesty Panels are 200mm shorter than the modules they fit (they are inset 100mm from each end)

Access Cutouts in the tops may be replaced by a scalloped rear edge which allows cables and plugs to pass through.

Additional Power Towers available

Choice of Screens

Available Width Sizes (mm)






Available Depths (mm)



Add on modules – same as above

Cable Trays (only available on 800mm depth)

X Range is offered in Oak, Natural Oak, Beech, Golden Maple, Natural Walnut and White MFC (melamine), edged with 2mm PVC lipping.

For Panel Ended we also offer the combination of tops in Natural Walnut or Natural Oak with vertical panels in White. (as shown in last picture)

Frame styles are available finished in Slate, Silva or White

X Range furniture is Guaranteed for a period of five years against any defects resulting from faulty materials or workmanship (three years in the case of moving parts), fair wear and tear excluded and subject to appropriate use, care and maintenance.

X Range furniture requires no maintenance and cleaning should be carried out solely with a damp cloth and soft duster. Spray and wax polishes must not be used.

Please contact our sales team for further information and pricing.

Available Finishes

  • White MFC (Sven)

  • Beech MFC (Sven)

  • Golden Maple MFC (Sven)

  • Natural Oak MFC (Sven)

  • Natural Walnut MFC (Sven)

Metal Frames X Range (Sven)
  • White Frame X Range (sven)

  • Silva Frame x range (sven)

  • Slate Frame x range (sven)

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